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how to play GTA 5 game in mobile | top best way |

we all are know gta 5 not official launch for phone but here are some genuine and legit ways to play gta 5 in your phone.

here is some reasons that why GTA 5 is not launch for phones
High Graphics : Look at the realistic graphics of gta 5 game and for these type of graphics our system needs high features and specification. even in some medium specification pc and laptop the gta 5 game is not playing you already know how much pc is faster than our phones but the game is not playing in medium pc.
so if we think that we can play GTA 5 in our phones so look for our phones specifications our phone don't have capability to support this type high graphic game.
high storage : GTA 5 original size is around 80 to 90 gb in pc and our phones storage around 64gb so how it possible that we can install 90 gb game in our phone when we can try to install our phone may will be crashed 
peoples not purchase GTA Games : if Rockstar game developers Develop the game for phones in low graphics and low size b…

Play GTA 5 Game On phone Full Process with all steps

so you are a GTA game lover and you want to play gta 5 game in your mobile
I Know you are a very serious about to play gta 5 game in your android phone and may be you search many times on internet that how can we play it on our phones and now your query is end here.
Well we all are know how gta games looks and the graphics of gta games is so realstic every child have a dream to play gta 5 game and the reason for it is amazing graphic and story.
Gta 5 game is very high graphics and big size game and all gamers play in their pc or console but every gamer can’t afford pc,ps4,xbox f

or playing big games like gta5 or others.
Don’t be sad i will explain you few ways to playing this game in your phone and you love it all the process is very simple don’t miss any step and process.
But everyone have a smartphone and peoples want to it on their phone so yes you can play gta 5 in your phone very easily and you will be very happy after playing the realistic graphics game in your phone
Which phones suppo…